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Mirko Works Hard On His Road Back
After a break for knee surgery, Mirko Cro Cop is thinking MMA again.
Recovery is going well and the knee is allready bearing all the stress thrown at it.
Mirko is allready several weeks into his training process, which is somewhat adapted and still includes therapeutical elements.

Mirko is still refraining from using leg kicks, but based on what the experts dedicated to Mirkos recovery are saying, given time he will be doing so very soon. Being in this condition has allowed Mirko to dedicate much more time to work on his boxing techniques, which we havent seen to much in his last couple of appearences.
Mirko's expert team is very confident that we will see Mirko unveil much better boxing technique adapted to suit MMA fighting in the upcoming appearences.Our co workers from Team CRO COP are revealing that Mirko allready is in optimal boxing and Wrestling shape and we are expecting to start working on leg techniques.

Currently, Mirkos work week looks like this:
- Monday thru Friday mornings are cardio and strenght training mixed with work on ground techniques.
- Every evening but Wednesday is MMA training, with added boxing, foundational throwing and defending throws, clinch and ground techniques.
- Saturdays he trains once and training is by wish.
- Sunday is off to rest.

Mirko-Crocop.com web team and our partners from MMA-ID network for MMA fans are going to visit Mirkos gym this week, so we can announce and bring you much more exclusive training footage from Mirkos training.
Dont forget to visit Mirkos official profile at http://www.mma-id.com/CROCOP where you can get in touch with him and send him your support messages.