UFC 103 co-headliners Mirko Cro Cop and Junior Dos Santos both look ready to deliver an explosive bout on Saturday night. The weight advantage goes to Cigano, as he weighed 236 ...


Cro Cop Strikes Again!

It was a successful comeback from Mirko Cro Cop who improved his UFC record to 2-2 now. After six months of being away from fighting Mirko offered a good fight and knocked his opponent Mostapha Al Turk out in the first round.

Midway through the round, Cro Cop pounced, hurting Al Turk and sending him sprawling across the Octagon. After a brief reprieve, Al Turk caught an inadvertent poke in the eye and turned his back on Cro Cop. The former PRIDE standout didnt let Al Turk off the hook, and a flurry of thudding shots brought referee Dan Miragliotta in to halt the fight at the 3:06 mark.

Im sorry, said Cro Cop of the eye poke. I didnt want it to be this way.

The win ups Cro Cops record to 25-6-2 with 1 NC.


These days the boys from Cro Cop team are training in full force. After a long break and highly demanding recovery process, Mirko Cro Cop is ready to fight in MMA again.

All problems with injuries are history and Cro Cop is very optimistic to start another chapter in his career:
I feel great, the recovery process is going well and we train at high intensity now. I never had such a strong desire to prove myself and I'll climb up again, or die trying.

Mirko's next fight is set for June 13th in Germany, which means that he's back in the UFC, a place that he didn't have his best moments:
I decided to fight in the UFC again, because of the stronger competition in the heavyweight division. My next opponent will be Mustapha Al-Turk. I didn't do well in my first three appearances - I wasn't myself. By returning to the cage I want to prove that I can still fight at highest level, no matter when or where., claims Cro Cop.

UFC 99 will be Cro Cop's first fight this year with the possibility of three fights coming by years end.
It's hard to talk about concrete plans, but I would really like to fight at least three times this year. I wish to fight against quality opponents and to fight my way up to a title shot but for now, I'll focus only on my next fight and after that we'll see what's going to be on the menu next, says Cro Cop.
Although the UFC 99 card looks stacked, it seems that the UFC officials can see the benefits of hiring a top European fighter for their first ever UFC show in Germany.

I want to say thank you Mr. Dana White for your interest and for an invitation back to the UFC. I owe you a lot from our first deal, and I'll make it up to you., promises Cro Cop.

All news related to Mirko Cro Cop's career are posted on Mirko's official MMA-ID profile on http://www.mma-id.com/CROCOP and Mirko's official homepage http://www.mirko-crocop.com.

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New Training Video Up - Mirko Strikes Back
 www.mma-id.com has the newest training video from Cro Cop's gym. Two more videos will be online next week! Watch Mirko in action on Mirko's official MMA-ID profile.
Mirko Works Hard On His Road Back
After a break for knee surgery, Mirko Cro Cop is thinking MMA again.
Recovery is going well and the knee is allready bearing all the stress thrown at it.
Mirko is allready several weeks into his training process, which is somewhat adapted and still includes therapeutical elements.

Mirko is still refraining from using leg kicks, but based on what the experts dedicated to Mirkos recovery are saying, given time he will be doing so very soon. Being in this condition has allowed Mirko to dedicate much more time to work on his boxing techniques, which we havent seen to much in his last couple of appearences.
Mirko's expert team is very confident that we will see Mirko unveil much better boxing technique adapted to suit MMA fighting in the upcoming appearences.Our co workers from Team CRO COP are revealing that Mirko allready is in optimal boxing and Wrestling shape and we are expecting to start working on leg techniques.

Currently, Mirkos work week looks like this:
- Monday thru Friday mornings are cardio and strenght training mixed with work on ground techniques.
- Every evening but Wednesday is MMA training, with added boxing, foundational throwing and defending throws, clinch and ground techniques.
- Saturdays he trains once and training is by wish.
- Sunday is off to rest.

Mirko-Crocop.com web team and our partners from MMA-ID network for MMA fans are going to visit Mirkos gym this week, so we can announce and bring you much more exclusive training footage from Mirkos training.
Dont forget to visit Mirkos official profile at http://www.mma-id.com/CROCOP where you can get in touch with him and send him your support messages.
Video: Mirko talking about his career, DREAM 6 and Overeem

Mirko Filpovic's training session videos were up earlier and now he's got a short video interview up talking about K-1 and his thoughts on Overeem's comments from before:

Mirko's Traning, Part 3 - Interview for www.mma-d.com

VIDEO: Mirko Prepares For DREAM 6 (Part 2)

The second part of Mirko's training video, filmed on September 13th by www.mma-id.com:

Mirko Trains For DREAM 6 - Sparring Sessions

Video: Mirko Prepares For DREAM 6

www.mma-id.com has posted the first part of an exclusive Mirko's training footage. The 7-minute long video is available through Mirko's official MMA-ID profile, while the other two parts are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.

Check out Mirko in training for Overeem fight!

Interview with Mirko

Earlier today, Nokaut.com hooked up with Mirko Cro Cop, who was released from the hospital few days ago. The knee surgery was very successful and we could be seeing Mirko in the ring again in time for DREAM 6 in September. Mirko took the time to talk with us about his surgery, his return, the Affliction: Banned card and many other topics.

Nokaut: So how the surgery went through?

Mirko: I'm satisfied with the result, they have removed all scattered pieces of the broken menisk. This is something that had to be done earlier this year but I kept postponing it since I didn't want to skip my fights in DREAM. However, it's all history now and let's focus on future.

Nokaut: What's next for you, you are taking some time to recover right?

Mirko: I'm heading to Pula and I'll be there for two weeks. I already resumed my trainings and I'm back to my feet, although it'll take some time for my knee to heel completely.

Nokaut: So we can expect to see you back in action on September 23? I guess you can't share more details with us at this point?

Mirko: Yes, I can only confirm that I'm going to fight in September. I really don't want to sit on the bench and watch others play. I want to be back in action as soon as possible and I want to end this year with success.

Nokaut: You can read all over the Internet that there are many people who are not actually convinced in another big comeback.

Mirko: Well, you can read funny things online. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Nokaut: Are you still comfortable with your DREAM contract? It seems that DREAM is not able to put up a strong heavyweight match-up, which takes you out of the big picture at the moment?

Mirko: I'm 100% confident that DREAM was a right choice for me. They are just starting up, if you take other big promotions you'll see that it took some time for them also to put together a strong line-up. I understand that DREAM is now focused on the tournaments and when the finals are done the heavyweights will get more attention.

Nokaut: Speaking about the promotions, there's a new player in the field Affliction. The card of the year award is in their hands as of now. What are your thoughts on them?

Mirko: All I can say is that the line-up really looks good.

Let's break this fightcard up a little. Of course, we start with the long awaited main event Fedor Emelianenko vs Tim Sylvia.

Mirko: A tough call. Yes I know, Fedor is a huge favourite in this one almost for everyone, but I see him having a hard time out there. It's not easy to fight Tim, he's big and he's using his reach advantage very well. Just look at how good he did against Minotauro, before getting submitted. We don't have to spend words on Fedor, he's a great fighter. Let's say that I see Fedor taking the decision, but it won't be an easy fight for sure.

Josh Barnett vs Pedro Rizzo?

Mirko: I fought Josh three times and I can say that he's really tough. He also seems to be in a very good shape lately, so I see him taking this one without going the distance.

Nokaut: Andrei Arlovski vs Ben Rothwell?

Mirko: To be honest, I don't know much about Ben. This is MMA and everyone has a chance, that's the beauty of it. However, Arlovski is a very good striker and he's considered one of the top heavyweights in the world, while his opponent has yet to earn this status.

Nokaut: Mirko Cro Cop vs everyone else?

Mirko: Mirko by knockout (laughs). Let's just hope that I'll be back on track soon and I hope that fans will enjoy in top quality heavyweight match-ups in DREAM soon.

Nokaut: Thank you for your time and good luck with your recovery!

Thank you and huge thank you to all my fans for their support.

Cro Cop Responds To Overeem: Bring It Up!

Alistair Overeem claims that Mirko's is ducking him, this is what Mirko thinks about it:

"Hi everyone, I've just stopped by to comment some statements made by Alistar Overem and his team.

It seems to me that some people should mind their own business. I've never been offered to fight Alistair Overeem. Why would I decline this offer? I came to DREAM to fight the best and I'm looking forward to see DREAM signing more top level heavyweights. Now when Alistair is officially in DREAM, I'll be expecting an official offer from DREAM to fight him and I'm going to accept it with pleasure.

I'm not on vacation here, I train hard and I've never picked my opponents. I fought the best fighters in the world already, I don't see why I should have seconds thoughts about fighting Alistair Overeem? On my way back up I need to fight top level competition and I believe that DREAM is perfectly able to put up a strong heavyweight match-up soon. So it's up to DREAM, let's bring it up."

Visit Mirko's blog on www.mma-id.com/CROCOP

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